Product review: Glitter & Glow Liquid eyeshadow by Stila Cosmetics


Who loves glitter on the eyes but chooses not to wear it because it’s messy and falls all over the place? I’m sure many of us. It’s true you can’t just apply loose glitter on the eye and call it a day, there are a few steps you have to take for example clean your eyelids from oils, have a glitter adhesive and apply the glitter correctly with a fine brush so that it doesn’t get all over your face. Recently while I was shopping for makeup I found a cool beauty product by Stila. It’s glitter yes but in a liquid form so it’s mess free, easy to apply, no need for extra steps and it’s extremely sparkly!!

Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadows $24- –
IMG_6942                    Diamond Dust * Kitten Karma * Bronzed Bell

I posted a few looks below so you can see how it looks once its has been applied!IMG_6751

Click the link——>   Diamond Dust


  Click the link——>  Kitten Karma 


 Click the link——>  Bronzed Bell


This product stayed on all day but I did see a couple specs of glitter that fell on my face at the end of the day but didn’t bother me too much. They are beautiful!

****For a fun tip: You can dot the glitter above your eyebrows for a fun festive look!!

I hope you enjoy my review on this product, I chose these colors because it’s what I use most but they have so much more to select from! 

XoXo, Jannette 



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