Product Review-Matte Creme Lip Crayons


Want to know what is one of my favorite beauty product I like to keep in purse during the cold season? a good hydrating lip balm! just like many, my lips become dry when the temperatures drop and I’m constantly hydrating my lips.

I’ve tried many lipsticks with a hydrating formula but the color pay off is very sheer and what I look for is bold. For the first time I tried the matte creme lip crayons by Bite Beauty and I fell in love with the formula! But why ?? Matte??? When I saw the word matte on the box, I thought dry, not creamy and non hydrating until I tried them on my lips and wow, these lip crayons glide on lips like butter! They felt really moisturizing all day but set to a matte finish…crazy right?? I said good bye clear lip balm, hello matte creme lip crayons!


Above you can see the 3 different colors I was sent to try and they’re perfect for the holidays and I can wear these shades with any look. I can go from something soft and neutral to a beautiful shade of red. They set matte but feel creamy all day!!!

Thank you Bite Beauty!!!


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