Halloween makeup ideas for a spooky night!

Ghosts and goblins spooks galore, scary witches at your door. Jack-0-lanterns shining bright wishing you a haunting night!

Hello my pretties! 

It’s that time of year again and one of the most exciting part of Halloween is dressing up for  costume parties and events. With just makeup watch how I transform myself and a few clients into cats, movie characters, witches and gruesome zombies!!! I hope some of these looks give you ideas for this Halloween! 

**(Some pictures have the watermark “Illusive Makeup Artistry” which is what I use to go by and has been change to my full name.)

Bad Kittyfullsizerender-17

Cut Mouth AKA Chelsea’s Smile img_1090

Old Womanfullsizerender_1

Corpes Bridefullsizerender-18

Comic Girl fullsizerender_2

Zombie Bride 5215c07e-aab9-4210-97b5-84b195dd521f


Princess Bubble Gum fullsizerender

Male Witch

Maleficent fullsizerender_4

Hubby and I as Mad Hatter and Maleficent a few Halloweens’ ago. 
fullsizerenderThese are just a few halloween looks out of many. I hope you enjoyed them and give you ideas of what you should be for this Halloween! If you live in Houston and need a makeup artist contact me via email and view my work on instagram!


* @jannettemarin.m.u.a 


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