Color your nails with System Xcel by FormulaX



I was so excited when I saw this package on my front door. I’ve never used the System Xcel  by Formula X but I’m a nail polish lover and I couldn’t wait to try it! I fell in love with the results and love the gel like finish on my nails! If you love nail polish and like changing colors often like me then this is for you!

I had old polish on my nails and  used the Delete All nail polish remover and wow I mean it removed my nail polish fast! That matters to me because I don’t want to spend a lot of time swirling my fingers in a jar trying to remove my polish. So I was pleased at how quickly it works.

Next, I followed 4 easy steps on the brochure that came inside the box:

  1. Clean your nails to remove any oils (green/blue polish)
  2. Prime your nails
  3. Color your nails (I did 2 coats)
  4. Add shine



4 easy steps for amazing long lasting results!!! My nails look like if I got a manicure and I love the gel like finish!!! Now that I have the whole system , I will definitely purchase other colors for the fall.


Thank you Influenster for my voxbox! You can purchase the products @


Xoxo- Jannette Marin


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