Stop your lipstick from smudging!

It has happened to most of us, you put on a red lipstick and all of a sudden you have a smudge on your chin, on the corners of your lips or it may feather out if you have fine wrinkles of your lips. Right? This could get a little annoying having to constantly check in the mirror if your lipstick looks fine and if it hasn’t smudge all over the place. Ladies, I have a little trick for you to stop that. Scroll down and find out what it is! Enjoy this extremely easy and quick beauty tip!



When you’re applying your foundation, rub a little bit on your lips using your brush and your lips should look a little pale like the picture below. This will work as a primer for your pretty lips. 

I’m using my favorite red lipstick from MAC Cosmetics in Russian Red with the lipliner in Cherry. The lipstick is a matte texture so it has no shine and it’s not as creamy so it stays longer on your lips. 

***The trick is to color your lips with your lip liner first! ***

This simple and only step will help your lipstick to grab and not smudge. For mature women who have fine wrinkles on their lips, this easy step will change the way you wear a red lipstick. 

Last, you take your lipstick and color your lips or you can also choose to leave them the way they are just wearing the lip liner. IMG_7196

I hope this tip helps! It works and has helped a lot of my clients to not have to retouch their lips so often, especially mature women with fine wrinkles who’ve had a little bit of trouble keeping their lipstick on. FYI: I chose this shade because it’s my favorite color but you can use any color of your preference. Toddles!!!! ❤

*Russian Red Lipstick $17 –

*Cherry Lip Liner $16.50 –


3 thoughts on “Stop your lipstick from smudging!

  1. I love wearing red lipstick too! The smudging does occur with some of the shades I use. Especially when I’m eating, lol! Most cases it wears off. These are great tips that I will most definitely try! Thanks!


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