Favorite beauty products of the week

Three new beauty products were added to my glam bag this week and I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you!

Oils have become very popular for applying with foundation but I love to use it all over my body, I mix it with my moisturizer or I use it to blend concealers and foundations. The bottle of 100% argan oil from Shea Moisture is an amazing product, once I rub it on my skin it gives it a nice glow and my body feels so smooth all day. You can even use it on your hair! winning!

Next, I finally tried the translucent setting powder by Laura Mercier and can I just tell you how great this product is?! My skin didn’t have that “powdery” texture when I applied it, my skin looked so soft almost if I placed a vail over my face giving me a soft blur finish. 

Saving the best for last! Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette by ABH. The shadows are so pigmented and beautiful, and I think this palette is going to be perfect for the fall as well!





100% Argan Oil Head to Toe Smoothing – http://bit.ly/29gQFNp  $8.99

Translucent Loose Setting Powder Laura Mercier- http://bit.ly/29pfDgN  $38

Modern Renaissance ABH- http://bit.ly/29sPHRH  $42


In both photos I’m using the ABH shadow palette and Laura Mercier translucent powder. 


These products became my favorites in an instant because I fell in love with the results! If you ladies want to share some of your favorite beauty products please comment below. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Favorite beauty products of the week

  1. Loved your post! I’m in love with the Anastasia Beverly Hills palette! My post next week I will also be sharing a look I did with it! Thank you for the tip with adding oil to my body lotion! I love feeling moisturized! Xoxo

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