How to keep your beauty blenders clean!

For those who use beauty blenders, don’t you just love them!? Our squishy friends are amazing to work with when we apply our foundation and contour our face but how well do we take care of them? Not washing our beauty blenders can cause bacteria growth and if we use them on our face well guess what? now bacteria has entered your skin and can cause acne. So lets make sure that we keep them clean and I will show you the easy and EFFECTIVE steps to kill bacteria and keep your beauty blenders clean!  


Take a deep dish and fill it up half way with water and submerge your  dirty sponges

Place it in the microwave and you’re going to heat them up for one minute and 30 seconds. 1:30

Once time is up, carefully remove the bowl with a kitchen towel because it’s going to be hot and let it cool for about 15 minutes. You’ll already start to see the makeup separate from the sponges. Eww!

This is going to be your best friend! Add as much as you want for a good cleanse!

Make you sure you rinse them very well until no shampoo comes out when you squeeze them. Grab a clean towel and squeeze the remaining water out and let them sit until its completely dry. 



I hope you enjoyed my blog! Keep your sponges and brushes bacteria free for flawless results! 

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