Save money and make your own Lip Scrub!

Hello ladies and welcome back! Mostly everyday we wear something on our lips, from clear lip balm, lip stains, to liquid lipsticks, etc. or they can get dry and chapped and it doesn’t look pretty when we put on lipstick, right? It’s happened to me before especially during cold season, my lips get dry, cracky and start to peel off! So I came up with a great idea of making my own lip scrub using ingredients from my kitchen! Yes, I’ve seen other brands that have their own lip scrub but I decided to save those $20 plus shipping and make my very own lip scrub. Follow along so you can do the same! 

All I used was 4 ingredients. 

1.Sugar        2.Honey      3. Coconut Oil        4. Red food coloring


After it’s mixed, find a small glass container to store. _DSC7373

Ewww, not cute Jannette. Those lips are dull!


Using your finger, massage your lips in circular motion and back and forth like a “wind shield wiper” 

When you’re done, take a cotton ball and wipe the scrub off.

After ❤

Exfoliate your lips like you exfoliate your face. Keep them soft, hydrated and clean for a beautiful look when applying your favorite lipstick color! 


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