Bridal hairstyle is back in trend! 

I’ve worked on brides for a very long time and many wanted a soft makeup  look and some asked for a bold look. The makeup always changed, the looks were always different but the hairstyle always was the same. I’m talking about just updos; tight curls, a slick chignon, a bun and the veil over it. For my wedding that’s exactly what I requested a high bun and a braid wrapped around it, but the hairstyle is finally changing and I’ve notice brides like something a bit more simple for example, soft waves, hair down with my curls, or straight and just a head piece. A very popular hairstyle that a lot of my brides have requested is what I call “old Hollywood glamour” how woman use to use their hair in the 50’s and 60’s is coming back and I love it! It’s sexy and full of glamour.

  I love to create a red lip with a clean winged eyeliner and pair it up with this look. This weekend I worked on a bride who got the “old Hollywood glamour” hair trend and I created this makeup look on her beautiful canvas!

  More looks? I also got my hair done and created this makeup look on myself. I used neutral colors on both eyes and lips.

 I hope you loved the looks. I recommend this look on every woman, especially brides! ❤



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