How to get a boob lift without surgery!

Hello there ladies! Can we please talk about our boobs today? It’s always a great conversation between girls. So I was wearing a low cut shirt and I realize that the bra I was wearing wasn’t helping my cleavage look good and by good I mean perky. I don’t buy bras with all that padding in it because it’s so uncomfortable for me, just an FYI.  I also noticed that after having a baby they drooped even more so I thought of a quick solution, no not surgery but what If I could contour them using makeup! I loved the results and it made a huge difference. Follow along, try it at home and love your girls!




So this is the before picture. No makeup on my chestIMG_4281

All you need is 3 products! Dark and light concealer, and a beauty blender.  Im using L.A girl in Beautiful Bronze and yellow corrector. You can buy them online or purchase them at your nearest beauty supply store. They cost me $2.99 each. IMG_4277

First you draw two lines around the crease of your boob to create shadow. Easy way to find that crease is to bring your shoulders in together and find your guideline. IMG_4284

Next you blend the concealer upward with the beauty blender creating more of a shadowIMG_4285

To enhance the shadows, highlight around and underneath and blend againIMG_4286



There you go! Lift without the surgery! After having babies, breasts sag a little bit and moms who need an extra lift this is  a great technique or for woman who want to enlarge them a bit more. I hope this tip helps and boosts your confident! Woman are beautiful in every way and we come in all different sizes and shapes but sometimes with a little help of body contour we can boost our confidence without going under the knife. Let me know if this worked out for you, enjoy!


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