How to make face & body coffee scrub

There are so many skin care products out there and one of my favorite brands are Origins and lush cosmetics. In my opinion they’re amazing products with wonderful results especially the “Cup of Coffee” scrub I always use and I talked about it on one of my previous blogs. But anything you can make from home is so much better because the ingredients are more organic (expect for the white processed sugar) Lol…but it is cheaper and so good for your skin. So I put together some ingredients to make a scrub that will leave your skin feeling smooth, look radiant, and clean! Follow along on what I used!!

1.Ground coffee   2.Sugar    3.Natural honey    4.Coconut oil _DSC7110_DSC7124.JPG_DSC7126.JPG_DSC7134.JPG_DSC7136.JPG_DSC7141.JPGThe steps were easy! You can mix it with your hand or a spoon but it will look like the picture below and try not to eat it because it smells so good!_DSC7146.JPG

Scrub it all over your body but I recommend rinsing your body with warm water first to open your pores then you can scrub!! _DSC7164.JPG_DSC7171.JPG


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