Wake your face up!

My days stay busy just like yourself…running errands, clean the house, cook, make time to get glam up a little and if you’re a mom like me you have to make time to take your child somewhere to play, give them a bath, feed him/her and everything else that comes along with being a mom. It’s 11pm and where did time go? Gosh you end up tired and worn out and the last thing you wanna do is wash your face to go to bed right? I’ve been there! But most of the time you still do it because you love that clean feel and don’t want to wake up the next morning with a pimple on your face from all the makeup that slept on your face. Sometimes I wash my face quick and if I still have mascara left under my eyes eh who cares that’s good enough and when you wake up you have eye boogers and mascara under your eyes and you feel gross. At least I do when I look in the mirror, just a tired smudgy face. But what helps me to look awake in the morning are a few products and I look and feel so different! Please read these extra tips and view the products I use to help my face look fresh and awake in the mornings!

IMG_3528First thing is first! my amazing face wash by Origins…I recommend to to anyone, it’s for all types of skins and it removes all your makeup FAST! IMG_3530.JPG

IMG_3532IMG_3533My second step, I love this from product from Lush!!  I use it 2 times a week and it buffs the dead skin cells off my face which is so important because your body grows new skin every 30 days and if you don’t exfoliate you have a build up of old skin you don’t need and when applying makeup you need smooth and clean skin for amazing results! http://www.lushusa.com/Cup-O%27-Coffee/9999905552,en_US,pd.html  click on the link to view product. IMG_3531IMG_3535After I wash my face my last step, I use these 2 products from Origins; Age defense serum with my moisturizer! It restores hydration back to your skin and my face feels so smooth. It’s lightweight and doesn’t clog your pores. It works for me,I’m normal to dry but there are other moisturizers for oily skin as well. IMG_3537Bam! do you see a brighter and awake face? I do! After these steps you can choose to apply primer and makeup or if you don’t want to wear any just these 3 products I used will keep your skin fresh and clean all day!


Before  :/                                                  After!



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